In less than 24 hours the voting for Hyphen magazine’s Mr. Hyphen will be over. This is the last chance to get your votes in and support me into becoming one of the top 5 finalists to have a chance of winning $2,000 for Pearl Girls Productions’ That’s What She Said Webseries. Not only that but I…

This is the home stretch! Let’s gooo TWSS fam! Vote #allison4mrhyphen !

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American Revolutionary: The Life of Grace Lee Boggs unfolds like a layered conversation. Director Grace Lee was working on The Grace Lee Project, seeking stories from Asian American women who share a common name with her. In a moment of serendipity, Grace Lee met Grace Lee Boggs; a social activist born in 1915, feminist, supporter of the black power movement, lover of good questions, and idol to many. What emerged from their initial meeting became a decade-long project of conversations and sharing stories. Lee captures candid and intimate sides of Boggs and the flux of activism, revolution, inner reflection, and structural change. As Boggs narrates histories of activism and community in Detroit, she also provides her refreshing and restorative wisdoms on spiritual and social transformation.

Can we talk about how CAAM gif-ed Grace Lee Boggs.

Love this!

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  • Question: I just found out about you guys and i almost cried. I've been looking for positive queer asian representation in media for ages, but the scattered few only portray asians in a stereotypical, albeit negative way. Thank you for making this series. It means so much to me, to see people like me facing the unique issues of our group. I often feel ostracised even in queer communities because of my race and my diverse background. Thank you for making me feel less alone. - arrheta
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    Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your experience and story. Its really what TWSS is all about. Much love to you ! <3


Let me be YOUR Mr.Hyphen!


So today is day 3 of 5 for Mr. Hyphen voting. Let’s make today even more epic!

If you’ve voted on the Hyphen website already, THANK YOU. If not, here’s the link :

If you’ve voted via FB and hit LIKE for my…

Let’s keep those votes coming for Allison! $2,000 on the line for TWSS and the rest of Season 2!

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Hey all! TWSS’s own Allison Santos is a semi finalist for Mr. Hyphen. To make it to the finals and get an opportunity to win $2,000 for TWSS, we need your support and vote!

You can vote here:

And here. Just click on the link and LIKE Allison’s video to vote:

Voting ends on Friday at 11:59 pm! So share these links and get everyone you know to vote too!


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Day 54: Two days into the voting for Mr. Hyphen and I am definitely feeling the impact of it all. If this what running for office feels like, it’s no joke and a lot of work. I have a new appreciation for those individuals. No matter what happens I gotta remind myself that it is an honor to make it to the semi-finals and be one of twelve. Now I gotta trust that what is meant to be will be. Grateful for this opportunity and for all of you who have supported me in my life and continue to do so. Thank YOU! Let me be YOUR Mr. Hyphen 2014!

You can vote here:

And here. Just click on the link and LIKE my video to vote:

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Our very own Allison Santos, a.k.a RAE is a semi-finalist for the Mr. Hyphen contest! 

Please help support her and VOTE for her video! If she wins, the prize money would go towards “That’s What She Said” in an effort to help us complete Season 2. 

Voting is for THIS WEEK (3/17-3/21) only so get ‘er done! 

Thanks for your continued support and we’ll be releasing more episodes soon! 

Vote here:


Like her video on Hyphen’s Facebook:


Spread the word and share the voting links with everyone you know!

Thank you for your support!

— The TWSS Team


Dearest TWSS family,

It’s true. I’m a Mr. Hyphen 2014 Semifinalist!!!

I’ll be participating for Pearl Girls Productions 

[That’s What She Said webseries] .

Because visibility,art and

our stories matter.

I’ll need your support to make it to the finals! Start spreading the word to your friends, family and networks. Let’s make this year’s competition a ground-breaking one!

Voting begins March 12

Feel free to use the hashtags provided by #hyphenmagazine :

#allison4mrhyphen #IAMBEYOND #hyphenmagazine

Much love and gratitude, 

— Allison aka “Rae”


11 Badass Asian Musicians Who Are Shattering Stereotypes

Now if only we could get some of these artists to let us use their music… ;)



Day 34: The official announcement of @Hyphenmagazine ‘s Mr. Hyphen 2014 semi-finalists! It’s an honor to make it this far. Now it’s go time! #allison4mrhyphen
#IAMBEYOND #100happydays

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